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Auto Detailing Services

Car Washes Are More Important Than You Think

Washing your car is extremely important. It prevents contaminants like dust, dirt, pollen, tree sap, bug guts, salt, air-borne pollutants from adhering to your vehicle. Many auto detailing and car experts recommend washing your car once a week to successfully prevent contaminants from damaging your paint and finish.

Listed below are recommended services for washing, waxing and caring for your vehicle.

Express - Car Wash 

We do it the right way.

This service is great when paired with an Engine Detail or a Full Interior Detail( Call, text or email for Bundled pricing )

Here’s what we offer:

1) Cleaning of wheels, tires, fenders, gas cap, grilles etc..
2) Washing of vehicle with quality mitts, products and methods
3) Drying of vehicle with soft microfiber towels 
4) Cleaning of exterior glass and windows
5) Dressing tires to make them shine


Price is based on size, condition, and type of vehicle.

Small - Med - Large Size Vehicles

$35 - $65

How Often Should You Wax Your Vehicle?

Regularly waxing a vehicle is essential because it helps protect and preserve the clear coat of a vehicle's paint. That clear coat is the layer that protects the paint from corrosive elements such as - snow, rain, street salt, ultraviolet rays, bird droppings and so much more.. The clear coat is also what gives a vehicle its shine. When the clear coat is not protected, the paint becomes vulnerable to fading, discoloration and rust. In other words, applying wax is a necessary step of keeping the exterior of any vehicle protected and looking its best! 

Deluxe Wash & Wax:  Add Shine and Protection 

What a Great Option!

A lot of our customers love the wash and wax. Not only will you see a huge difference in the appearance, but you’ll be able to feel the smoothness of the paint and know your vehicle is protected once we’re done with the service. 


If you’d like a vehicle transformation inside, then check out our Full Interior Detailing Service. Everything in your interior will be cleaned to the best condition possible. So now the exterior and interior of your car will look Amazing!  ( Call, text or email for Bundled pricing )

Here’s the cleaning process:

1) Cleaning of wheels, tires, and fenders with a variety of brushes to reach all areas
2) Thorough hand wash of vehicle including cleaning the door jambs, gas cap and removal of bugs off front end
3) Clay bar paint & glass to remove stuck on dirt and contaminants  (your paint will feel really smooth again)
4) Apply a layer of wax or sealant to all painted surfaces by hand or machine for shine and protection
5) Dressing of tires to make them shine
6) Cleaning of exterior glass and windows to give you crystal clear vision.



Price is based on size, condition, and type of vehicle.

 starting  at   $105
( Call, text or email for Bundled pricing )   ADD a Buff & Polish to your Exterior Detail 

Deluxe XL - Buff & Polish  Paint  Enhancement 
Also includes everything listed in the Deluxe Wash & Wax ~ 

starting at $165    (Call, text or email for pricing)    

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